Using SolarWinds Orion Network Tools to Thwart Malicious DOS Attacks

SolarWinds Orion system tools may make network administrators feel as though they’re sitting at the control seat of the Enterprise with a plethora of network tools and applications at their fingertips. Unfortunately, you may not know how to use half of them. This usually means that you could do your work inefficientlyworse, not using SolarWinds Orion system tools that could safeguard your system.

You and your knowledge of SolarWinds Orion system tools could be the only things standing between your company and barbarous computer attacks that can cripple your system and ability to conduct business.


You can use your own SolarWinds Orion network tools to look after a variety of difficulties, from isolating an infected computer to thwarting DOS attacks.

Consider the following situation:

1) The Problem Arises

You Get a webpage from Orion NPM. Your router is currently having trouble linking out to the web and maintaining a stable connection. Taking into consideration the total amount of business your company does online, this can be troublesome.

2) Finding the Problem

You open the Orion NPM Web Console and get started investigating the probable troubles. All of your relations are currently up and bandwidth usage looks great, so those aren’t causing the issue. You then detect your CPU use on the firewall. It’s holding steady between 99 percent and 100 percent, and it can be more than twice the regular usage. That is illogical.

On the NetFlow Traffic Analyzer tab, you have a quick look in the very top 50 endpoints. The top six computers attempting to access your system are from abroad. You realize your system is being portscanned along with your firewall is interactively blocking these attacks. The guards are holding… for today.

You push a brand new configuration to your firewall utilizing Cirrus Configuration Manager that blocks all traffic over the IP range that’s attempting to access your network. In minutes, your CPU usage drops back into its optimal selection. Systems are coming back to normal.

With SolarWinds Orion system tools, managing your network doesn’t need to require a degree in nuclear physics. Your network tools might even have attributes you don’t know about. Regular training is necessary to make certain you could do your work quickly, effectively, and with as few headaches as possible.

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