QuickBase Product Release – New Number and Date Formats

QuickBase has introduced information concerning its product launch. Whilst the changes may not be exciting to QuickBase clients in the United States, clients in European and Australasian countries are quivering with excitement; in what has been a much awaited and very exciting improvement.

One of the biggest downsides to QuickBase for users outside of the USA, has been the date being secured in American format (mm-dd-yyyy). For many perspective customers, this has turned into a significant turn off, and contributing to the stalling of further development of personalised applications by existing clients.


Present QuickBase clients that are not within the united states have managed to work within the constraints of the date format, by using calendar date pickers, or creating a date over four fields like a day field, month field, year field along with also a formula field to concatenate the area for reporting functions. It’s been a difficult mindset for consumers to adapt to.

The shift in format now enables administrators of QuickBase to select at either an account or program level, the way a date displays. Administrators will also be able to modify existing automated APIs which import data eg. CSV, into their software, without needing to alter the date .

However, this isn’t the only modification which has clients excited. Numerical separators can now be defined, the currency symbol can be modified to that utilized by other nations like Pound and Yen, alongside the money symbol’s ranking.

With the coming of these modifications, perspective clients outside of the US will now be able to consider QuickBase as a frontrunner for in the cloud database administration.

For existing customers who would like to utilize the new date formats, should first consider testing and talking with the local administrator of this installation. The changes could be simple to implement into a Production system. However care should be taken while creating the changeover following some final testing. Some users may require training on the new formats and your job manuals may require a minor upgrade. The local support administrator or spouse can assist with these modifications.

QuickBase has always been a significant player in the USA, and together with the debut of Australian spouses supplying end users with development and training, in addition to the current launch to alter the date format, it’s anticipated that QuickBase will shortly likewise be an Australasian and European leader in its area.

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